Woke up at 1:30am to a bat flying around the bedroom. Good times.

I like bats. Just not in my house. And we used to get them often when we first moved into this house. My technique is this:

  1. Remove all women and children (and pets) from where the bat is flying around
  2. Put on gloves and a long sleeved shirt and grab a big beach towel
  3. Capture the bat in the towel (yeah, I know)
  4. Release bat down by the river (the Mississippi is 3 blocks away).

NOTE: My wife is usually the only woman I need to remove and she has zero interest in catching the bat anyway.

Last night, as I was collecting my thoughts about step one, I thought to take the screens out of the windows in our bedroom! Maybe little dude will just fly out BECAUSE I TOTALLY DESPISE CATCHING BATS IN BEACH TOWELS.

Anyways, while the bat is flying around our bedroom, I get the window screens out. And then I turned the ceiling fan off because that was causing him flying problems. I took cover and after 10 minutes, the bat figured it out and flew outside!!!!

Aside from the lingering adrenaline boost, this worked out pretty good. I’ll be using this technique from now on and only get the beach towel if necessary.

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