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Good post. (It’s from Oct 2010, though. But it’s probably still relevant) I’d noticed that I never see updates from certain friends and wondered why. Turns out: It’s complicated. And it’s completely up to Facebook’s filtering system.

Some highlights:

  • Facebook Has a Bias Against Newcomers
  • Facebook’s Catch-22: To get exposure on Facebook, you need friends to interact with your updates in certain ways
  • "Most Recent" News Is Censored, Too.
  • "Stalking" Your Friends Won’t Get You Noticed.
  • Having Friends Who Stalk You WILL Help Your Popularity.
  • Links Trump Status Updates.
  • Photos and Videos Trump Links.
  • The Power of Comments. If items you post attract comments from a few friends, it clearly raises your visibility overall.

This all kind of sucks, actually. I hate not seeing an update from one of my friends only to find out it’s because Facebook didn’t consider it IMPORTANT enough.

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